Age 3 through 6th Grade


Parents are particularly important to the development of students and to the overall strength of the School.
The School truly appreciates and values parental involvement and believes school-parent cooperation is vital to the student's life and the life of the School.

Throughout the school day and school year there are many occasions when parents assist the School in volunteer activities and related projects, either in the classroom, on field trips, or after hours.

Parents are encouraged to become involved in classroom activities. Grade chairs help plan parties and other activities for the class. Parents help plan and chaperone field trips, and, in the younger grades, help with cooking classes and other activities. Parents are always welcome to contribute their time in the classrooms and are encouraged to share their unique talents as learning opportunities for all of the children.

All parents of children enrolled at Community School are members of the Community Parents Association (CPA), which provides many opportunities for parental involvement. If you'd like to become more involved with the CPA or its activities (see list below), simply contact the Advancement Office (314) 991-0005.

Events and activities organized by the CPA include:




Auction fundraiser

Community Classic

Family event fundraiser

Book Show

Provide books for Discovery Center/classroom

Flower Sale

Scholarship fundraiser

Discovery Center

Label, catalog, track library inventory

Faculty Hospitality

Teacher appreciation with treats

Fall Picnic

Welcome back families/students

Stan & Clayton Rice Night

Fifth & Sixth graders with fathers/friends

Grandparents/Special Friends Day

Program/class visits for grandparents/friends


Mailings for annual giving, newsletters, reports

Book Covering/Repair

Maintain and repair books

School Tours

Provide guided tours during admissions process

School Store

Sell items to promote school spirit


Organize and produce annual yearbook

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