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Summer by the Numbers

Monday, June 26, 2017

The sun is shining and summer is finally here! With barbecues and beach trips on the calendar, it can be hard to find time to pencil in math fact practice and problem solving review.

We’re keeping it simple and focusing on real life activities. Check out the list below for some ideas to bring along with you on vacation!

Headed to the beach?

Use that seashell collection to keep number sense strong! Put shells into ten-frame grids to help children visualize the number they’ve collected.

Extend the counting with addition and subtraction in the same manner.

While you’re there, enjoy a treat – and ask your child to count the dollars and coins that you’ll use to pay. For those ready for a challenge, ask your child to determine the change you’ll receive when paying with a larger bill. Mental math at its finest!


Keep that sidewalk chalk nearby and enjoy some addition and subtraction practice – after you master each fact, wash it away!

The temperature is the talk of the town, so why not join in! Keep track of the high temperatures each day for a week and then find the mean, median, mode, and range. Keep going for the month!

When making a dessert for that neighborhood barbecue, ask your child to help with the measurements. This practice with fractions will continue to build understanding of the concept and put it in context for children. Help foster the visualization process by ordering and comparing fractions as you work. If your child is ready for more, extend their thinking by asking them to halve or double the recipe.

Sports Enthusiast?

For those that love baseball (and a project) – your child can collect data and keep track of his or her favorite players’ batting averages while practicing division and decimal skills. Extend this project by helping your child present their findings with a graph in Excel. Go Cards Go!

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