Age 3 through 6th Grade

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Studio Art - 2nd

  • Create tints and hues of various colors to enhance paintings
  • Distinguish emotional effects of warm and cool colors
  • Use a variety of textured materials in the printmaking process
  • Utilize repeated lines to create the illusion of texture
  • Create detailed backgrounds
  • Create large and small versions of a picture
  • Examine effects of extreme contrasts in black and white cut-outs
  • Work with formal, informal, and radial symmetry
  • Maintain scale in reproductions by using a grid
  • Connect concepts from art to social studies and math
  • Compare and contrast analogous situations
  • Evaluate pictures to determine correct scaling and proportions
  • Illustrate a selection from a piece of literature
  • Create designs and patterns based on folk art methodology
  • Construct three-dimensional hollow forms in clay