Age 3 through 6th Grade

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Social Studies - 4th

  • Theme: What qualities make a productive member of a community?
  • Learn basic geography skills and vocabulary of Missouri and U.S.
  • Identify and label continents, oceans, prime meridian, equator, countries of North America, and major mountain ranges and rivers of the United States
  • Study lifestyles of early people of this area and list needs for survival
  • Practice note-taking skills using two-column note graphic organizers
  • Discuss current events and their impact on people’s lives 
  • Research basic information using resources provided by the teacher
  • Learn qualities that make a productive member of a community
  • Learn about the founding of St. Louis
  • Discuss cultural perspectives of the settlers of St. Louis: Native Americans, Colonial French, enslaved and freed African Americans, American settlers
  • Research a nearby historic landmark and present information as a commercial
  • Order on a timeline major events of Missouri history in relation to U.S. history
  • Compare North American culture to Japanese culture
  • Country studied: Japan