Age 3 through 6th Grade

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Science - 2nd

  • Theme: Our Changing Earth 
  • Learn basic inquiry skills that scientists use: predict, observe, classify, question, compare, measure
  • Label and describe the four layers of the earth
  • Examine rocks and minerals and identify their properties
  • Classify rocks into sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic
  • Identify weathering and erosion as factors that cause the earth to change
  • Construct model volcanoes, earthquakes, crystals and caves, and learn their role on earth
  • Learn how fossils form and what they tell us about plants and animals of long ago 
  • Examine and create fossils to simulate how they form in nature
  • Explore properties of magnets, static electricity and the relationship between them
  • Learn the importance of water, rivers, watersheds, water treatments and engineering
  • Identify water pollutants and describe their influence on water ecosystems
  • Connect the necessity of water in the life cycle of plants and soil composition