Age 3 through 6th Grade

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Science - 1st

  • Theme: Science in Our Community 
  • Learn how scientists group animals based on their body coverings and body parts
  • Identify characteristics of each animal group (vertebrates) 
  • Explore several animal habitats and compare them to native habitats found in the community
  • Observe and graph daily weather
  • Use basic weather instruments to measure temperature, wind direction and rain amounts
  • Learn the water cycle
  • Identify the four seasons and weather associated with each
  • Learn the importance of the sun, what causes day and night and what causes the seasons
  • Identify the planets in order from sun
  • Investigate and measure matter
  • Explore the properties of solid, liquid and gas
  • Identify the parts of a plant and explain their roles
  • Discover what plants need to grow and survive