Age 3 through 6th Grade

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Physical Education - SK

  • Increase spatial awareness
  • Move while manipulating objects in a small space 
  • Build fitness through cardiovascular running/locomotor warm-up
  • Perform rope climb
  • Run quarter mile cross country
  • Practice core exercises, pylometrics jumping and balance activities
  • Participate in Brain Gym and French/P.E.
  • Perform four steps for overhand throwing 
  • Follow instructor in tai chi and yoga
  • Walk labyrinth
  • Dribble ball while walking and running
  • Punt ball
  • Kick ball to a goal 
  • Identify locomotor movements through drum beats
  • Create games with partners 
  • Explore woods through nature walks 
  • Climb and traverse
  • Jump rope
  • Learn beginning stunts and tumbling