Age 3 through 6th Grade

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Physical Education - 5th

  • Demonstrate ability to problem solve during a group challenge
  • Show the ability to communicate during a group challenge
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities during group activities
  • Understand game rules and implement them in self-regulated activities and competitions
  • Work on more complex formations and strategies in games
  • Apply upper body exercises and endurance running in daily warm ups and games
  • Apply more advanced techniques in basketball, volleyball, and track & field units
  • Demonstrate throwing skills in football, basketball and softball while on the move
  • Measure catching skills by throwing and catching a given distance in football, basketball, softball and lacrosse
  • Apply footwork skills in soccer
  • Demonstrate striking skills in field hockey, volleyball and softball 
  • Demonstrate climbing, traversing and balancing skills in daily exercises, tumbling, and obstacle courses
  • Establish and agree upon game rules and boundaries in all games
  • Determine coordinates of specific landmarks on campus with a compass and map
  • Implement orienteering skills on the Fifth Grade Hike
  • Special events: Ice skating, hike, track meet