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4th grade big buddy reading with SK buddy.

Community School's curriculum weaves leadership and service learning together to provide a solid character foundation for our students.


Community's leadership training starts in our earliest grades through a combination of public speaking and learning the best ways to interact with others. Students are given numerous opportunities to take leadership positions in the classrooms and speak in front of groups.

The Family Groups program, beginning in first grade, builds groups comprised of a child from each grade with a teacher. Groups remain stable from year to year, so wonderful friendships are built as older students mentor younger ones. Our buddy program provides another meaningful way for older and younger students to interact beginning in junior kindergarten. Starting in third grade, students become the "big buddy" and are role models for their younger buddies.

Leadership opportunities culminate in sixth grade, when students carry out a variety of responsibilities around the school – running Thursday assemblies, raising and lowering the flag each day, helping serve lunch tables, assisting with carpool, and more. Community graduates are highly represented in leadership positions at their secondary schools.

Service Learning

Community School’s Service Learning program focuses on good citizenship and an awareness of the community at large. The emphasis is on giving one’s time and energy rather than monetary donations. As students assist others, they also build leadership skills. They learn about strengths and needs in the local community, collaborate with peers to come up with possible solutions, and gain an understanding of how another person’s experience might be different than their own.

Each grade level participates in a service project. Recent examples include nursery students making animal treats and blankets for a local animal shelter; second graders creating a PSA and planting flowers to promote bee life; and fifth graders collecting books and reading them to young students at area schools.