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Third Grade

Third grade is a special year, marking the first year of the Upper Division at Community School.

Students enjoy a variety of subjects in the homeroom as well as special classes. The curriculum is integrated whenever possible so that students can relate one subject to another and connect classroom activities to real life. Students learn through a variety of means: teacher-directed lessons, repeated practice, use of manipulative materials, partner and cooperative learning projects, independent research, and activities addressing various learning styles.

Field studies supplement the study of St. Louis and include Cahokia Mounds, the World’s Fair sites of Forest Park, and the Missouri History Museum. The year culminates with the study of Japan and a trip to the Japanese Garden and a Japanese restaurant for lunch.

Although they have participated in the buddy program since junior kindergarten, third graders get to be the older buddy for the first time. They take great pride in and responsibility for their younger friends.

Third Grade Curriculum