Age 3 through 6th Grade

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Mathematics - 3rd

  • Use place value models to read, write, add and subtract numbers to 10,000
  • Compare fractions using models and number lines
  • Add and subtract like fractions and money
  • Model regrouping in addition and subtraction with place value
  • Solve one- and two-step multiplication and division problems
  • Identify angles, perpendicular and parallel lines, polygons, quadrilaterals, symmetry and congruent figures
  • Select appropriate units and tools to estimate and measure length, weight, volume and capacity
  • Determine elapsed time
  • Use bar graphs, picture graphs and line plots to solve and check real-world problems
  • Use a calculator to solve real-world problems using all operations
  • Discuss and share ideas in paired or small-group activities
  • Use bar models to represent real-world problems