Age 3 through 6th Grade

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Language Arts - 6th

  • Practice narrative, opinion and informational writing
  • Develop and refine strategies for writing across curriculum
  • Learn and identify parts of speech such as prepositional phrases and direct objects
  • Form complex sentence structures by adding prepositional phrases and clauses
  • Employ enriched vocabulary and add purposeful, descriptive language
  • Practice brainstorming techniques and organized thinking using graphic organizers
  • Practice writing strategies and observe model texts
  • Form strong topic and concluding sentences
  • Write an organized introduction that provides background on a topic, followed by three informative body paragraphs and a conclusion
  • Create stories that reflect personal life lessons and story elements
  • Practice how to support ideas with researched material
  • Locate resources and actively read and research material before beginning to write
  • Cite sources within essays
  • Diagram sentences for a stronger understanding of structure
  • Practice word relationships through analogies
  • Programs used include Wordly Wise, G.U.M. (Grammar, Usage, Mechanics), and Writing Units of Study by Lucy Calkins