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Kids in the Kitchen

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Kids love to make things in the kitchen. To them, it's just good, messy fun. But have you ever thought about the cognitive benefits they enjoy?

Think back to your childhood…do you have memories of being in the kitchen cooking with your parents or grandparents? Not only were you happy to be helping, having fun and making a mess…there was learning going on! Think about all the connections your children are making when you invite them into the kitchen to be a part of the cooking experience.

  • In order for a recipe to come out as planned your child has to listen to what to do. There is the give and take of communication as they follow the instructions. There is exposure to print. Reading a recipe aloud is an opportunity to enrich your child’s vocabulary.
  • You are incorporating math into the cooking experience when you tell your child what to add in and stir as they combine all the ingredients. They are using measuring cups that include fractions as they mix everything together. By using trial and error, your child is solving problems.
  • Just like a scientist, your child is mixing both wet and dry ingredients to make the recipe a success. They are asking questions and thinking about how all of these ingredients mixed together gets the end result. There is critical thinking going on.

Inviting your child into the kitchen is an opportunity to connect with them as well as strengthening many of their skills. Start small and simple, slowly increasing and challenging your young learner. And the best part of all…. the quality time you get to spend with your child as you make learning fun and create lifelong memories!