Age 3 through 6th Grade

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French - 5th

  • Recognize and follow classroom commands and general directions
  • Use greeting and farewell courtesies
  • Discuss family members, occupations, and free time activities
  • Discuss and apply familiar vs. formal speech
  • Discuss items carried in a backpack
  • Discuss food
  • Recognize if a noun is masculine, feminine, or plural
  • Recognize the definite articles (le, la, and les)
  • Recognize the partitive articles (du, de la, and des)
  • Express the time and when events occurred
  • Identify school subjects and what one does in class
  • Acquire the vocabulary and language structures needed to read Les aventures d’Isabelle
  • Recognize and use interrogatives in oral and written comprehension questions
  • Discuss and retell events of the story
  • Orally answer basic comprehension questions over reading material
  • Answer basic comprehension questions in written form