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Faculty Friday - Wendy Cooper

Friday, September 21, 2018

Our faculty spotlight this week is on a new Community teacher this year - Wendy Cooper in 3S! Although new to Community, Wendy is not new to teaching, with 20 years under her belt, much of it in Indianapolis. With not just one, but two, master’s degrees under her belt, Wendy also has experience as a school administrator, but is excited to be back in the classroom this year. A self-proclaimed “science nerd,” Wendy loves to go on science-related field trips, including places like the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park. She also claims to know where you can find fossils on the side of the road in Imperial, so if you’re into rocks too, go have a chat with her! Let’s learn some more:

Favorite subject to teach? Science/Math because you can explore and have the opportunity to do many different hands-on real world activities. Looking and "playing" with things outside is also fun!

Defining moment as an educator? Daily when you know you have formed an awesome bond with a student

States lived in? Indiana, New York, North Carolina, Missouri

Favorite team(s)? Indianapolis Colts

Favorite food? Sushi

Family/kids? Keegan (13), Audrey (10), Step Kiddos Beth (17), Rachel (19), Adam (20) and Husband Chris

Pets?  Two dogs - Harley and Zaida​

Hobbies? Spending time at soccer and dance activities for kids, traveling with my husband.

Favorite band/musical group? Kenny Chesney

Favorite children’s/YA author? Chris Van Allsburg​

Favorite memory from your time as a student? Walking around campus doing science scavenger hunts

Other interesting things? Helping others is important to me. I am currently working on a project to help a homeless man and learning more about how to help others.

Why Community? I have heard only great things about this school. I already feel like the name says it all!