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Faculty Friday - Veronique Gardet

Friday, November 2, 2018

Our Faculty Friday Spotlight this week is on Lower Division French teacher Veronique Gardet! How many schools are lucky enough to have a French teacher that’s actually from France? Veronique has lived in the U.S. since 2001, and has taught at Community for the past 8 years. Her infectious grin and beautiful accent charm her students, as she shares all things French with them. Veronique uses her connections so that children can Skype with classrooms in France, and has worked with our Lower Division P.E. teacher to conduct P.E. classes in French. Let’s learn some more:

Defining moment as an educator:  An amazing class I took to learn how to be a teacher.

Favorite subject to teach?  Anything about the French language or French Culture. I love teaching tools on how to guess/understand the language, and finding bridges between English and French. Seeing the light in children’s eyes as soon as they start feeling confident that they can figure out on their own what I am talking about and they can start using the language outside of the original context.

Favorite CS memory?  I have so many! Every time a parent lets me know how their child uses French outside of school. I can hear the children speaking French on the playground and they try to speak French with me outside of class.

Why Community? The first day I walked in Community, it was a strange feeling - the smell and the place felt the same as the three different schools I attended in France.

Favorite spot on campus? I love walking in the school, because it reminds me of my school growing up in France.

Favorite team? The Cardinals, Blues, Broncos, Olympique de Marseille (French soccer)

States lived in? Colorado and Missouri. And I’ve lived in France, of course!

Hobbies? I love cooking, yoga and reading in French and in English.

Pets? No, but I love them so much I dog sit for my friends.

Family:  My husband Cyril, son Thomas (14) and Sebastien (12)

Favorite band? Sting, the Beatles, Abba

Favorite children’s author/book? Marcel Pagnol, les Fables de la Fontaine

Favorite memory from your time as a student? Miss Fantasia, middle school Math teacher, who helped me stay focused in class, and a science teacher who was so amazing I didn't need to study to remember everything she talked about in class.

Other interesting facts? I have done 101 scuba dives in 5 different seas/oceans.