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Faculty Friday - Rob Knight

Friday, September 14, 2018

Our faculty spotlight this week is on Woodshop teacher Rob Knight. Rob is another of our faculty members with 25 years in education, the last 22 at Community. In fact, all three of his kids are alumni of the school (Elizabeth ‘01, Laura ‘04 and Daniel ‘11). His favorite moments as an educator are seeing the pride and joy in students when they share their completed woodshop projects. He loves nature and shines on the sixth grade camping trip - teaching kids how to build campfires and identify trees, not to mention reassuring those who are new to “roughing it.”  And if you see someone with a long, grey ponytail riding to school on his bike (no matter the weather!), it’s a safe bet that it’s Mr. Knight.

Favorite subject to teach? Hmmmmm . . . woodworking, because it is a special place where kids enjoy creating with their hands.

Favorite spot on campus? The woodshop and kitchen

Favorite CS memory? Too many to say. The day that I was hired.

States lived in? Indiana, Texas, Nebraska, Kentucky, and Missouri

Favorite team(s)? St. Louis Cardinals

Favorite food? I like lots of different food, but a good thin crust pizza is on the top.

Pets? 2 dogs, Bonnie and Bedelia​

Hobbies? Woodworking, gardening, cooking, hiking, tinkering, camping, and recently building bikes from parts.

Favorite band/musical group? Mark Knopfler, Gordon Bok, Neil Young, Jean Redpath

Favorite children’s/YA author? Arnold Lobel

Favorite memory from your time as a student? In first grade lying on a hillside looking at the clouds.

Other interesting things? I lived in a commune for one year in Prairie Home, MO

Why Community? It is a place that is safe and supportive, it is a very family and child-centered place.