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Faculty Friday - Natalie Westerholt

Our Faculty Friday Spotlight this week is on Band teacher Natalie Westerholt! In addition to her classes, Natalie has also been working very hard this week as a piano accompanist for our holiday programs. Whew! She’s been teaching for 10 years, and this is her second year at Community. She’s amazing at getting some wonderful music out of beginning band students, and has tons of patience with them as they’re learning. You’ll know Natalie by her great smile and her fun hair. Let’s learn some more:

Favorite subject to teach? Beginning Band! I love the excitement students have with starting the new adventure on their instruments!  

Defining moment as an educator? Some of my favorite moments as a band director are when a student is really struggling with getting those first tones out on their instruments, and it finally clicks and their face just lights up!  

What’s your Community School “claim to fame?” The students love hearing me play “The Pink Panther” on my clarinet.

Why Community? I love the support the staff gives one another. It's a large group effort to prepare for performances and help the students in the classroom. The students' excitement for band keeps me so inspired to teach!

Favorite spot on campus? The band room!

Favorite food?  avocados

Favorite band/musical group? Beethoven and Chopin

States lived in? Missouri

Hobbies? I love playing music. I enjoy playing the piano at night to help unwind from a long day. I also love cooking and baking and trying new recipes. I love to travel and explore historical places and the outdoors with my family.  

Family: I have two boys: Dresden, age 8 and Ellington, age 5

Favorite children’s book? The Giving Tree

Favorite memory from your time as a student? I loved band the first day I started (in 4th grade) and have fond memories of all of the performances I did over the years.