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Faculty Friday - Christine Bugnitz

Friday, October 26, 2018

Our Faculty Friday Spotlight this week is on Lower Division P.E. teacher Christine Bugnitz! Christine’s P.E. classes are a far cry from the ones of yore. She spends time thinking and researching about what children truly need, and has incorporated relaxation, mindfulness, drumming, yoga and even French into her classes. Several years ago, she also began an early morning sensory program in the gym for students who needed extra movement and physical experiences to help center themselves for the school day. Christine can be found after school coaching cross country at John Burroughs School, as well as Community.

Defining moment as an educator:  The first morning I met with one young student and my morning sensory program suddenly began!

Favorite subject to teach?  Relaxation/visualization and nature P.E.  Because children need the tools to learn to be still and calm and because they need nature. They would be better off with more of both.

Favorite CS memory?  Lying and looking at stars on the night hike on the sixth grade camping trip

Community School claim to fame? Starting the Alpine Tower Program at Community in 1992 with my brother

Why Community? The day I walked in to deliver my resume and I knew I was home.

Favorite spot on campus? The woods

Favorite food? Pasta or really good potato chips

Favorite team? My cross country teams that I coach.

Hobbies? Staying fit, reading, traveling, outdoors, birding, dabbling in weaving, dabbling in taiko drumming.

Pets? My chihuahua Rosalita

Family:  My wonderful husband and best friend of 31 years Paul Bartholomew (we've been together 36!) and my 7 siblings and their significant others - including Rob Knight (Woodshop teacher at Community)!

Favorite band? The Traveling Wilburys

Favorite children’s author/book? Joan of Arc by M Boutet De Monvel

Favorite memory from your time as a student? In 7th grade my teacher would put on classical music and we drew the images that the music would conjure for us. Appalachian Spring was my favorite to draw to. Also riding my bike on the school playground after school with my sisters and performing bike tricks.

Other interesting facts?  I love reading and writing poetry.