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Community Builders

Thank you to all of our community builders for your contributions to the Building Community Campaign. Through your generosity, we can transform the educational experience of our students for decades to come.

Jackie and Barry Albrecht
The Albrecht Family
Carol and Clark Amos
Mayo Morgan Amos
Preston Amos
Amanda and Brian Anderson
Sara Jay and Simon Anderson
Melissa and Christopher Anstey 
Ali and Jesse Appleton
Kathryn and Theodore Armstrong
Kristen and Robert Armstrong
Kimberly and Patrick Bader
Sydney and Cory Bailey
Janice and Asa Baker
Asma Usmani and Stephen Banga
Barbie Barrow
Claire Beck
Barbara and Barry Beracha
Brad Beracha
The Bergquist and Peters Families 
Lori Berry
Shafia and Saqib Bhutto
Carol Bitting
Maxine Blaine
Arpana Agrawal and Ryan Bogdan
Marysa Monterubio and Paul Boggeman
Melissa and Gregory Bohlmann
Ingrid Bonds
Avery Boswell
Rebecka Briney
Chrissy Taylor and Lee Broughton
The Bruning Family
Michelle and Joe Buck
Christine Bugnitz
Carrie and Jeff Burgess
Brandi and Daniel Burke
The Burrows Family
Sonia and Calvin Cajigal
Kathleen and Stephen Cameron
Kristin Campanella
Kara and Ben Cardinal
Ashley Carr
Christina Min and Dennis Chang
Juanita Charles
Tiffany Charles
Sophia and Shawn Chen
Bomi and John Choe
Lynn and Doug Christopher
Brenda and Bob Cooke
Shyna and James Cornell
Anne and T.J. Corrigan
Caitlin Kelleher and Dennis Cosgrove
Barbara and Harvey Cotlar
Lorrne Minor and Marchand Cox
Margit and Brent Craig
Aaron Cregger
Crosby Family
Margaret and Steve C. Culver
Jeanne and Paul Dalba
Elizabeth Danforth
Kate and Tom Danforth
Nikki and Scott Dantuono
Joann S. and Scott H. Decker
Liz Lee and Edward Del Rosario
Marni and Jeremy Deutsch
Nancy and D.J. Diemer
Nicole and Joseph DiMartini
Rosemary Watts-Dreyer and Joseph R. Dreyer
Madeline and Matthew Dunaway
Julie Schwarz and Brian Edelson
Carrie and Sean Edelstein
Lauren Eisenreich and Claire Eisenreich
Rebecca and Eric Eisenreich
Darla and Rick Ellsworth
The Engelhardt Family
The Evitts Family
Kora and Paul Felsch
Lucile Fikes
Kathy and Drew Fitzgerald
Diana and Jason Flower
Leslie and Brad Foss
Virginia and Bobby Foster
Sarah and Luke Fouke
Veronique and Cyril Gardet
Hiram Gay
Alexa and Chris Gibson
The Gigliani Gonzalez Family
Susan Goldberg
Jessica Goldman
Erin and Craig Gooch
Stephen Lott and Ethan Graf
Deanna and Chauncey Granger
Mollie Gray
Sara and Will Gregerson Family
Mary and James Gross
Sarah Kovenock and Bradley Gross with Calder and Edie Gross
Angela and Jered Gruszka
Lisa and Matt Hall
Jonelle R. Harris
Dr. Kelly Harris and Mr. Stuart Harris
Sarah and Brent Haynam
Amanda Hazelwood
Ann and Keith Hazelwood
Katie and Shawn Hellmann
Sonya and Harold F. Helmkampf
Castella Henderson
Erin and Nick Hendon
Jessica and Jason Hendricks
Jennifer and Timothy Hertel
Rhonda and Fenmore Hodges
Cici and Bill Hoffman
Mandi and Eric Holekamp
The Holton Family
Jennie Kwon and Augustine Hong
Lauren and John Hubert
Lyah LeFlore-Ituen and Eno Ituen
Candace and James Jefferson
Ashley Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson
Suzanne and Jim Johnson
Robert Johnston
Sally Johnston
Jay Kamps
Stacey Kamps
Kerrigan and Howard Kaplan
The Karsanbhai Family
Lisa Lindstrom and Richard Keating
Kristin and Jesse Keller
Jeannie and Brian Kelly
Kathleen and Seamus Kelly
Ben, Bennie, and Bettie King
Elizabeth and David King
Orisia and Brian Kirkpatrick
Noah Kleinlehrer
Angie and Randy Koning
Joseph Korfmacher
Debbi Krieg
The Kriegel Family
Jessica and Robert Kuhlman
Lucy Kutner

The LaMartina Family
Mary Frances Lang
Maureen Ross-Lang and David Lang 
Chrissy and Michael Laycob
Ann and Peter Lazaroff
Anna and Cam Lemen-June
Jackie and Jim Levey
Chao Gu and Yi Li
Lauren and Dr. Samuel Lindner
Kathy and Matthew Linsenbardt
Lana Loftis
Bridget, Zachary, and Ainsley Long
Rosalyn and Charles A. Lowenhaupt
Esther and Frank Lu
Rachelle Luster
Shengbing Shao and Ambrose Mak
Lisa Steinhoff and Keith Mangles
The Maritz Family
Vicki Sauter and Joseph S. Martinich
Shepard Simpson and Michael Martinich-Sauter
Lori and Mike Marusic
Lauren and Taylor Mason
Sarah and Calvin Matthews
Carolyn and Sean McCarthy
Sarah and Mike McCarthy
Alyssa and Wayne McGee
Tyler McLain
Karine Amirikian and Mariano Menkes
Kenneth Miller
Nicole Shen and Dan Mills
Diana Hill Mitchell and Vernon C. Mitchell Jr.
Joe Mohr
Maggie and Samuel Moore
Mayo and Daniel Morgan
Muñoz Family 
Tara and Rob Neumayr and Family 
Abigail and Andrew Shulenburger Nieva
Ellen and Thomas Noel
Bette Nuzum
Rochelle A. Fortier Nwadibia
Kiku Obata
Angie and Bradford O'Neil
The Orf Family
Sonie and Thomas Orsay
Linghan Ji-Otto and Jackson Otto
Getha Jagannathan and Arvind Palanisamy
Urvi and Jay Patel
Michelle and John Peritore
Barbara and Martin Poleski
Ann and Carl Polster
Kesha and Antwon Proctor
Meredith and Jason Rabenold
Suzanne and Ted Rafferty
Malini and Nikhil Rammohan
Elizabeth Rand
Callie and Andrew Rapp
Jennifer and Kent Rapp
The Reeb Family
Linda and James Reed
Lindsey and Evan Reed
Michelle and Billy Reisner
Julie and Jason Rhee
Sheillah and Frederick Rogers
Clare Rogoyska and Tytus Rogoyski
Helen G. Ross
Rory Roth 
Alissa and David Rowan
Kristen and David Ruckman
Eve Rudolph
Makie and Cody Ryan
Christine and David Sachs
Laurie Salanski
Abby and Joe Samel
Sallie M. Samuels
Frada and Alan Sandler
Llewellyn Sale III
Sally Saltzstein
Dana and Charles Saulsberry
Katie and Steve Schankman
Audrey and Matthew Scherrer
Stephanie A. Schnuck
The Schnuck Family
Susan Schuppan
Donna and Langston Scott
Sally and Sanford Scott
Hana S. Sharif
Jain and Richard Shaikewitz
Lauren and Coleman Sheehan
Tracy and Thomas Shephard
Jaehee and Sang Shim
Ellie and John Short
Alicia, Vijay, and Teddy Shroff
Kumkum and Jagdish Shroff
Sophia Baig and Umer Siddiqui
The Sigurdson Family
Heidi and Ian Silberman
Leleya and Matthew Singer
Austin Smith 
Spencer Family
Olga and Ben Stafford
Trisha Stanley
Deborah and Scott Steiger
Annie and Terry Stewart
Janis Stewart
Courtney and Ben Stotler
William Sun 
The Tabb Family
Erin and Adam Taves
Barbara and Andrew Taylor
Laura and Bryan Taylor
Karen Temporiti
Claire and Michael Todorovich
Debbie and Jack Thomas
Evelyn Thomas
Christine and Randall Thompson
Lauri and Jim Torrie
Amy and Zac Varble
Becky and Michael Vasta
Sarita Elizabeth and Philip Verghese
Patricia Vibert
Leslie and Andy Vitt
Geneen and Troy Von Kloha
Liza and David Weiss
Chrissie and Bradford Werner
Ben A. Williams
Jana Loftis and Lawrence Wilson
Xiujia Jin and Keith Winkler
Amanda and Doug Winters
Jan and Dave Wisland
Marie Witscher
Kelly and Patrick Wittenbrink
Nicole and Steve Wohlford
Carolynn and Stephen Wolff
The Wolff Family
Jara and Mike Wong
Colleen Wyss
Chenguang Yang
Yeongju and Mark Yu
Emily and Ali Ziaee
The Zou Family

*Community builder list includes those who've made formal pledges and gifts to the campaign. If you see an error in your listing, please contact Abby Samel, Director of Development, at
**Formality of naming acknowledgements will be standardized and have a character limit before the installation of a permanent donor wall within the Broughton STEAM Center. 
***List updated as of 2/21/24