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Greetings Alumni!

Dear Fellow Alumni,

Greetings from the Alumni Board! I am happy to share that in the 2018-2019 school year we will ramp up alumni activities, including our inaugural alumni awards and our new class ambassador program to help us keep in touch with alumni.

Keep your eye out! All alumni (for whom we have current contact information) will soon receive an envelope in the mail with important information about our Alumni Association. Through this mailing you will:

  • Learn about alumni events
  • Learn how to nominate alumni for alumni awards
  • Provide News and Notes to Community School
  • Return the updated contact information form 

Community School still delivers the highest quality education in a loving environment, and surrounded by the splendor of nature. It can’t get much better than that. Since there is now so much research that links a high quality preschool education—nursery and Junior kindergarten—with success in subsequent schooling and later in life, it is easy to feel grateful for our Community School education. 

Get involved and stay in touch! We hope that you will continue to help support the school, whether through monetary gifts, the gift of your time, or simply by telling local friends and colleagues about this wonderful place. 

Come visit, take a tour, join students for lunch, attend a Thursday Assembly, or shop at Book Show—you can arrange all of these things by simply contacting the Advancement Office at  If I am available, I would be happy to join you!

Eliot Cori Tao
Class of 1975