Age 3 through 6th Grade

Admissions FAQ

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1. What is the application process?

2. When is the application deadline?

3. How much is tuition? Is there financial aid?

4. What testing do you do for the Nursery/JK/SK students? How can you get an accurate read on a child that young?

5. What testing do you do for older children?

6. What are your natural entry points?

7. What are the age cut-offs for students at Community School?

8. Is there an after-school program?

9. I think my child might be gifted. What enrichment activities/programs do you offer?

10. How do Community School students perform on standardized tests?

11. Is there a way for parents to volunteer or get involved in the life of the school?

12. Is there transportation available?

13. Do the students wear uniforms?

14. What is the payment schedule?

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