Age 3 through 6th Grade

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Sixth Grade Overview

Sixth graders on their annual camping trip

In sixth grade, students truly come into their own as the leaders of the School, with extra privileges and responsibilities. 

Sixth graders help run the school store, raise and lower the flag each day, serve as runners during carpool, help serve lunch to the younger grades, and perhaps most importantly, serve as role models to the rest of the school. They take these responsibilities very seriously.
Teamwork and communication are solidified through activities such as the low ropes course, the sixth grade camping trip, and the Alpine Tower experience. Leadership skills, character development, and higher-level critical thinking skills are paramount in helping sixth graders become comfortable with who they are and in preparing them for secondary school.

Academically, students are analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating large quantities of information. Students investigate all about the culture and people of Ancient Egypt and their influence on modern-day societies. They study the Civil War, solve linear equations, write essays and poetry, explore the periodic table and atomic structure, and much more.

Finally comes graduation – a truly amazing experience. Every student, in front of about 300 assembled parents, grandparents, and faculty, does an individual presentation. These may be original speeches, or instrumental or vocal performances. Each piece is memorized and performed without notes. Some are funny, some are heartwarming, all are sincere, and show a tremendous amount of effort and dedication. The presentation showcases the ability and comfort of Community students to express themselves in front of an audience.