Age 3 through 6th Grade

Upper Division (3rd Grade - 6th Grade)

Third through sixth grade students find new challenges and responsibilities in their program.

In language arts, students continue to build on their skills with a strong emphasis on daily reading, creative and expository writing, and independent learning. Laptops are frequently used for both creative writing and reports. Math challenges focus on critical thinking and problem solving skills. Emphasis is placed not just on facts and formulas, but also the process.

In science, the priorities are observing, recording, predicting, classifying, and drawing conclusions in the areas of life, physical and earth sciences. The social studies curriculum evolves from an emphasis on U.S. history to a more global view as students learn about their connections to other people and places.

Music, woodshop, art, drama, and French are continued several times a week, and children participate in physical education almost daily. The emphasis on public speaking continues, both in the classroom and on stage, as students blossom into confident, capable speakers.

In fifth grade and sixth grade, classes are semi-departmentalized in preparation for secondary school. Students begin and end the day with homeroom teachers and attend individual classes as mixed groups.

By the end of sixth grade, students are expected to have developed an appreciation for and awareness of their world, and to be prepared for work in a new school environment. They graduate with an excellent foundation for continued study and a commitment to the pursuit of learning. They have a sense of themselves as individuals and as members of a larger community. As one alum put it, “Community School gave me a strong, steady desire for independence and growth which is still with me today.”
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