Age 3 through 6th Grade

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STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) is an educational philosophy that balances technical skills with creativity and critical thinking.

Our teachers weave science, technology, engineering, arts and math content throughout the curriculum to help students recognize the relationships between subjects. Students learn to build connections and apply their knowledge in different settings—important skills for secondary school, college, and life.

While STEAM may be a new acronym, it is nothing new at Community School. Our students—age three through grade six—explore a range of topics, from core STEAM subjects to writing, social studies, and foreign language. Below are a few highlights of Community's curriculum.

At Community, we are empiricists. We measure even as we admire and dig in to look for what is inside, what gives meaning, and what differentiates. This particularly informs how we teach science: actively, with exploration of the woods, fields, and pond right on campus. Learn more about our science program.

We integrate technology into all areas of Community's curriculum. Students use laptops and iPads in all subject areas for research, presentations, and composition. Learn more about technology in the classroom.

From robotics to woodshop, our students take a hands-on approach to engineering. Learn about our specialty classrooms.

Our students examine core subjects through the lens of music, art, and drama. This not only enriches our curriculum, but also brings a deeper level of understanding to complex topics. Community's emphasis on public speaking and performance builds confidence, helping students articulate their thoughts and ideas. Learn more about our arts program.

Our students focus on the problem-solving skills critical to mathematical thinking. We cover fewer topics in a year so students can explore each one in greater depth. This allows us to increase understanding of not only the "how," but also the "why." Here's more about Singapore math.