Age 3 through 6th Grade

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Senior Kindergarten Overview

SKers using magnifying glasses to examine Osage orange fruit

"George Wash-ing-ton, John A-dams, Tho-mas Jeff-erson. . . " 

How many 5-year-olds do you know that can name all the U.S. presidents – in order? Just ask any SKer at Community, who will proudly sing you the Presidents Song.

Senior Kindergarten is an incredible year of cognitive growth for children. Their reading, writing, and processing skills blossom as they tackle harder work and, for the first time, homework! Responsibilities expand as well. Daily, students check out their own books from the classroom library to take home and read with their parents. They also regularly bring in “Current Events” that they’ve researched with their parents, and present them to the whole class. The students also keep journals to practice writing, spelling, and expressing their thoughts.

Studying China, celebrating “Hundred’s Day,” their first major dramatic production, writing letters to their grandparents, and beginning to read are all highlights of the Senior Kindergarten year. Teachers frequently read chapter books aloud to the class, with some favorites being Ramona the Pest and Charlotte’s Web. Students also begin participating in “family groupings” for the first time, and the SKers are very excited to get to interact with the older children. (Family groupings are cross-grade groups of students who regularly meet together to interact and do projects.) They begin classes with the woodshop and art teachers this year in the “big building,” which makes them feel very grown up.

This year abounds with special projects. All SK parents come in to do a parent activity with the children. These may range from teaching them fly fishing to setting up a miniature operating room to bringing in special guest speakers. A community service activity the children participate in is a field trip to Target to buy gifts for an “adopted” holiday family.