Age 3 through 6th Grade

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Junior Kindergarten Overview

JKers doing a science experiment

Junior Kindergartners are eager to learn, take on more responsibility, and explore their environment. 

Apatosaurus. Velociraptor. Tyrannosaurus rex. Triceratops. The Junior Kindergarten highlight that stands out most for children would have to be the unit on dinosaurs which culminates in the annual Dinosaur Dig. After students learn all about the dinosaur age, teachers and parents bury “fossils” in the sand play area. The children love first digging to find them, then carefully cracking them open with a hammer to see what they’ve unearthed.

Of course, Junior Kindergarten isn’t all about dinosaurs. There’s investigating outer space, studying all about Mexico, and learning about alphabet letters and sounds, not to mention counting, measuring, patterning, sequencing, and more.

Junior Kindergarten students are becoming more independent, with new opportunities for developing social skills and friendships. For the first time, they have “buddies” – JKers are paired with third grade students, and do a variety of projects with them throughout the year.