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Lower Division (Nursery - 2nd Grade)

Nursery through Second Grade is a time of critical growth for young minds as they create, explore and learn. 

The nursery, junior, and senior kindergarten programs set the foundation for learning at Community School. The developmental approach starts here where each child comes to know and appreciate his own particular set of strengths. The children learn by doing, all the time fueling their intellectual, emotional, creative, and social growth. It is here that the sparks of curiosity ignite and the hunger for learning takes hold. It is here, too, that a sense of community begins to develop as the children are given many opportunities to interact with and learn from the older students.

The acquisition of basic skills and opportunities for personal growth are at the heart of the curriculum for grades one and two. There is an emphasis on reading and good literature which helps develop a love of books. Book collections are located in classroom libraries as well as the Discovery Center. Writing is emphasized. Reading, math, and language arts are taught for mastery. The study of science is based on a discovery approach. In social studies, children learn concepts, acquire map skills, and develop an appreciation for their heritage and other cultures.

Children participate daily in physical education, and are involved in art, woodshop, music, drama, and French several times a week. It is also here, starting in the very youngest grades, that children receive frequent opportunities to speak in front of others in both small and large groups, whether it’s talking about current events in front of the class or standing up at lunchtime to announce their birthdays.

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