Age 3 through 6th Grade

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Physical Education

Our physical education program builds a lifetime love of fitness from an early age. The skills learned in P.E. carry over and contribute to success beyond the field and outside the classroom.

Community School's nurturing P.E. environment encourages physical activity and confidence. Students attend 45-50 minutes of class each day, participating in a variety of activities, games, and athletic endeavors.

Children running relay race with batons

Lower Division P.E.
Younger children focus on gross motor coordination, endurance, strength and fitness. Students build these skills through yoga, drumming, games, and other activities.

Nursery and junior kindergarten students have "French P.E." P.E. and French teachers work together to teach vocabulary and syntax in the context of physical movement and games.

Upper Division P.E.
Students in grades three through six develop skills important in sports and the classroom. Games and activities focus on strategy, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Our Physical Education Philosophy

  • While we are committed to daily physical education, our P.E. program is ever changing to meet the needs of today's child.
  • We continue to find ways to stimulate brain growth through physical activity.
  • We strive to provide developmentally appropriate ways to meet the physiological, physical, and intellectual needs of our children.
  • We attempt to fulfill the need to explore the outdoors and foster an appreciation of nature.
  • We believe that physical education is a catalyst for learning in all areas.

P.E. Teacher Christine Bugnitz: "We create an atmosphere where effort is honored and children then feel free to play uninhibited. Children learn that they can take risks and make mistakes, and will not be ridiculed, embarrassed or judged because of it."