Age 3 through 6th Grade

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Performing Arts

At Community School, music, drama, band and public speaking are more than independent subjects. 

We integrate performing arts into our curriculum to build confidence and understanding.

Girls playing guitarMusic is an integral part of life at Community. Students perform musical pieces at Thursday assemblies, the holiday programs, and the Grandparents Day program.

Our youngest students learn to play various mallet instruments and develop their music literacy skills. Second through fifth graders earn belts of progressive difficulty in our "Recorder Karate" program.

Beginning in fifth grade, students can choose to take either band or chorus, and sixth graders study classical guitar. Sixth graders also write two original musical compositions—one handwritten for an instrument of their choice and one composed in GarageBand. By graduation, each student can read, play, and intelligently discuss music across genres.

Young girl performing in playFrom in-class skits to elaborate productions, drama curriculum encourages risk taking and collaboration.

Students learn theater-based knowledge such as character development, vocal projection, and stage direction. Meanwhile, they pick up essential skills for other classes:  cooperation, critical thinking, and creativity. Our drama teacher and classroom teachers work together to tie theater productions into core curriculum.

By the time they graduate, students have the poise and confidence to present before a small group of classmates and the entire school.

Walk by the band room on Thursday mornings and you'll hear the members of the Community School Band hard at work.

Starting in fifth grade, students can choose to learn a band instrument, whether flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone, or percussion. In band, students study music fundamentals—from putting their instrument together to performing a variety of musical styles including jazz and the classics.

Public speaking
3-year-old speaking on stage into microphonePublic speaking is a common source of anxiety, but at Community School, students master the art from a young age.

Students as young as three years old begin speaking in front of peers and teachers. Nursery and junior kindergarten students share at show-and-tell, announce the day's lunch menu, and present oral book reports.

Our weekly Thursday assemblies include a range of student performances, from poetry readings to dramatic plays. Each class plans and runs at least one assembly each year.

At sixth grade graduation, each student presents an original memorized speech focusing on their time at Community School. The poise and confidence exhibited by these 12-year-olds is incredible. It's no small wonder that so many of our graduates go on to lead at secondary school and beyond.