Age 3 through 6th Grade

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Integrated Arts Education

At Community School, we weave arts education throughout our entire curriculum to build students' understanding of complex topics.

Core curriculum teachers incorporate hands-on activities in the classroom to reinforce concepts. Visual arts, music, P.E., and even woodshop teachers pull core curriculum ideas into their own lesson plans. This cross-curricular approach helps students build important connections and problem-solving skills.

Young boy paintingWhat Arts Integration Looks Like at Community School

  • In language arts, students work with rhymes, poetry, and song as a springboard for musical improvisations.
  • In music class, students develop an understanding of the science of acoustics and the mathematical structures of song. Music teachers incorporate physical education through movement and instrumental play.
  • Children of all ages learn choral pieces in French, Spanish, German, and many other world languages. Students learn songs to remember geography, history, and culture study.
  • Woodshop teachers incorporate geography, language arts, social studies, math, and more into lesson plans.
  • Technology enhances arts education in a variety of ways from SMARTBoard integrated lessons to students learning digital photography or stop motion animation.

Meet the Arts Teachers:

Art: Dave Lang - "Being an art teacher at Community gives me the opportunity to challenge every student to express themselves. The art program pushes students to generate unique and personal concepts, experiment with those ideas, and ultimately reflect thoughtfully and accurately on what they have achieved."
Band: Natalie Westerholt
Drama: Alissa Rowan - "Theatre is the ultimate project-based learning. By changing their bodies, voices and visual characters, students can deeply explore the time period and history of their studies.”
Music & Chorus: Meriam Dwidar & Jennifer Sheehan
Woodshop: Rob Knight & Joe Mohr - "It is a joy to observe the students take their time and do deliberate, creative work with their hands in woodshop. Woodshop empowers kids to be confident makers, fixers, and creators."