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Diversity at Community School

At Community School, we believe in diversity, inclusion, and the equitable treatment of all people.

Our learning environment mirrors the diverse world in which we live. As their knowledge expands, preschool and elementary students learn to recognize and appreciate different cultures and ethnicities.

Multicultural Curriculum

Our multicultural curriculum promotes awareness, inclusion and an appreciation of various cultures, religions, beliefs, traditions, opinions, and ethnicities.

Commitment from Parents, Faculty, & Staff

People of color hold 40 percent of Community's Board of Trustee positions. In 2006, the Board of Trustees established a Culture Committee to evaluate the school’s policies and practices relating to diversity. The Committee established and continues to refine our diversity statement and has been instrumental in setting goals and action steps as part of our Strategic Planning process.  

The Community Parent Association committee on diversity is called the Parent Diversity Group (PDG). PDG hosts a variety of events throughout the year to promote conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion. Recent activities have included our bi-annual educational workshops (previous topics include socioeconomics/class, microaggressions, how to talk to your kids about race, identity formation, and our interfaith community), All Family MLK Day of Service, and Family Bowling Night. 

Our Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Jonelle Harris, and Faculty Equity & Justice Committee work together to further promote a diverse, supportive environment. A growing number of faculty and staff attend the annual NAIS People of Color and ISACS conferences. Our Director of Diversity and Inclusion also attends ISSL Diversity Director meetings and provides regular diversity training for faculty and staff.

Diversity Statement:

Community School welcomes all families.

We are committed to diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our school by embracing the differences as well as the similarities of our students and families. Community School’s goal is that students, families, faculty, and staff feel welcomed, valued, and respected. Community School’s philosophy is based on the belief that diversity and inclusivity enrich the mind, body, and spirit. Indeed, in our Founding Principles - written over 100 years ago - Community School pledges “to recognize the child as an individual with individual differences” and “to cultivate in each child a spirit of courtesy, an appreciation for individual differences, and respect for the opinion of others.”

As an early childhood and elementary school, Community School understands its critical role as one of a student’s first experiences with the world. We encourage students to experience and share in the diverse backgrounds that exist within our school. Community School is committed to the recruitment and retention of excellent teachers with varied backgrounds that enrich the student and family experience. Through our rich curriculum and school programs, we introduce our community to a variety of cultures and experiences. In addition, we invite all students and families to share their heritage and traditions in our classrooms. Our character education urges students to create purposeful relationships within and beyond the classroom.

Community School seeks to prepare compassionate leaders for our multicultural nation and global world. We offer an education that respects and values the perspectives of others and seeks to ensure all families and students feel that they belong.  
(Ratified by the Board of Trustees 4/19/17)

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