Age 3 through 6th Grade

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Board of Trustees

The Community School Board of Trustees consists of a diverse group of parents, alumni, and past parents.

Front row:  Asma Usmani, Mayo Amos, Tracy Shepard, Jim Fox
2nd row: James Jefferson, Kathleen Cameron, Matt Hall, Tony Sonn
Back rows: Head of School Bob Cooke, Michael Laycob '93, Barry Albrecht, Geneen Von Kloha, John Lochhead, Eliot Tao '75, Mark Schnuck, Melissa Anstey, Jeremy Deutsch
Not pictured:  Charmaine Ansari, John Daniel, Wilmetta Toliver-Diallo, Mauricio Sanchez


The Board of Trustees’ primary function is to select and support the Head of School, to actively promote and protect the mission and philosophy of the school, to establish school policies and goals, to approve budgets, to insure the financial stability of the school, and to oversee and support the continued execution of the Strategic Plan. Trustees do not become involved directly in specific management, personnel, or curricular issues.

Much of the work of the Board is conducted through its committees: Executive, Building and Grounds, Committee on Trustees, Development, Finance, Investment, School Culture and Strategic Planning. These committees study, review, and investigate appropriate school issues and report their findings and recommendations to the Board for discussion and approval if necessary. Membership on committees may include Board members, faculty, staff, and parents.

Trustees are nominated to the Board on an annual basis. Self-nomination is permitted. A position on the Board ideally requires a commitment of two, three-year terms. Members are elected to the Board at the spring Annual Meeting.