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4 Great Tips for Your Budding Photographer

Monday, May 2, 2016

Kids love cameras, and with the wide array of inexpensive digital cameras – not to mention smartphones – they have lots of options and opportunities. This can result in hundreds of blurry, grainy photos! Here are a few tricks to help them take better shots.

  1. Experiment!  Unlike the days of yore with film cameras, nowadays we can simply delete those bad shots. The more they experiment, the more they’ll learn what works – especially if you take the time to review their shots with them, and point out what works well.
  2. Rule of thirds. You don’t have to get super complex about fractions here, especially with young children. Just teach them to place their subject off center for more powerful photos.
  3. Get in close. Teach kids how to use the zoom (as well as move themselves) to get close enough to capture the detail of their subject.
  4. Focal lock. This one is great. Most cameras have the feature where if you press the shutter halfway down, the focus locks in. They can then frame the shot while holding the button down.